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AED 45.00


AED 59.00

Foldable prayer mat and backrest


AED 19.00

360 Degree Rotating Twirl Tie Rack Belt Hanger, Organize your closet more effectively!

It is made of durable hard plastic material, and can hold 20 ties or scarves in a small space and work on all closets’ rods to keep your ties neat and tidy.

The tie hanger rack can rotate, making it easier for you to find the perfect tie every time. Therefore, it is really a wonderful household gadget for choice!

– Color: Black.
– Material: Plastic. 
– Weight: 28gm 
– Made of premium material, sturdy and durable.
– Can hold and Organise up to 20 ties or scarves in a small space, and keep them neat and tidy.
– A great space saver for any closet. It can work on all closets’s rods.
– Non-slip and rotating tie rack design, for making it easier for you to find the perfect tie every time.
– No installation required, easy to use.

Package Included:
1 set Multi-purpose Detachable Non-slip Rotating Scarf Tie Hangers Racks Neck Tie Organizers (White)

Double Cereal Dispenser White

AED 69.00
  • Dispenses controlled portion of the cereals with a twist of a knob
  • Hermetically sealed containers help to keep the cereals fresh for a long duration of time
  • See-through container allows you to choose exactly what you desire

Electric Heating Vibration Slimming Belt

AED 79.00
  • Helps you burn calories, lose weight and eliminate cellulite
  • One size fit is suitable for all with adjustable strap
  • Uses a unique oscillating massage action to tone up specific body parts

Dead Skin Remover Vacuum Suction White

AED 49.00
  • Convenient and practical to use
  • Works great in removing out blackheads and reducing acne
  • Constructed with a superior quality that ensures prolonged usage capability

Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Harness

AED 20.00
  • Streamlines a well configured design to boast utmost safety to the child
  • Serves as an ideal safety accessory for the child when the parents are not around
  • Decked with profuse material that serves prolonged utilisation

Manual Ice Crusher

AED 39.00

Manual Ice Crusher

AED 39.00
  • Makes a great addition to your baking supplies
  • Optimally shaped for ease of use
  • Top-quality construction grants it long-lasting life
  • Resists stains and odor, thereby facilitating easy cleaning

Multi-Function Foot Bath Massager

AED 79.00
  • Comforts achy heels, toes, arches and ankles, ideal for athletes and people who work on their foot
  • Create thousands of calming bubbles to relieve pressure and pain
  • Comes with an operating knob for controlling the water flow

Nose Lift Shaper

AED 15.00

Nose Lift Shaper

AED 15.00
  • Offers a non-surgical, painless nose lift
  • Stays securely in place without slipping off
  • Soft texture prevents skin irritations

Movable Washing Machine And Refrigerator Stand

AED 59.00
  • Features 4 wheels that allows convenient mobility
  • Gives your refrigerator or washing machine firm support and stability
  • Adjustable sizing allows you to place different appliances of variable sizes

Rechargeable Water Pump Black

AED 35.00
  • Can be used for pumping water from water dispenser at ease
  • Compatible with most standard-size water bottles
  • Designed with a removable tube for easy cleaning
  • Extended water outlet bottom base rotation helps in convenient movement
  • Easy to install and use

Mosquito Killer Lamp

AED 39.00

Mosquito Killer Lamp Light Bug Pest Control Lamp Photocatalyst Insect Killer Lamp

Back And Neck Massager

AED 49.00
  • Massage pillow is a perfect companion to relax and release the tension in your muscles
  • Using 4 rollers and the rotating action, its snugly fitting area can improve blood circulation and re-oxygenate the tensed muscles
  • Together with the heat function its can give you a total relaxation with comfort

3D Wrinkle Remover Body Face Massager

AED 25.00
  • Helps to lift, rejuvenate and tighten the skin
  • 360º roller wheel design allows you to control the intensity of your treatment
  • Improves the skin due to ageing and causes relaxation to wrinkles and pigmentation